Ǵ : ٹͧ§ҧ ͧ§ҹ ͧ§ö¹ .ä
ԹǴ ԡ

  Թ : 6400NT-CFX16(8000)
: CFX-16

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Ҥ : 6,400.00.-
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´Թ (Product Information) [´Թ]

Main Feature
- 12 mono input and 2 stereo input with gold plated XLR and balanced line input
- 3 band EQ with sweepable midrange on mono input and 2 band EQ on stereo input
- Peak LED on all mono and stereo channel
- Mute and Solo switch on all mono and stereo channel
- Smooth control 100 mm. fader
- 2 Aux send per channel for external effects and monitoring
- Highly accurate 10 segment bargraph meter
- 16 level delay of the effect system inside
- +48V phantom power supply
Technical Specification
Frequency Response 20Hz - 20KHz, +/-1dB
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) < 0.008%@1KHz
MIC Input E.I.N. Noise -128dBu
Aux and MIx Output Noise < -84dBu
Channel Mute < 90dB, 20Hz-10KHz / < 80dB, 10KHz-20KHz
Fader Cut Off (Ref. Fader 0dB) < 90dB, 20Hz-10KHz / < 80dB, 10KHz-20KHz
Routing Isolation < 90dB, 20Hz-10KHz / < 80dB, 10KHz-20KHz
Input & Output Impedance
Microphone Input 2KΩ
Line Input > 40KΩ
Stereo Input > 30KΩ
Stereo Return > 10KΩ
Headphone Output 40KΩ
All Other Audio Output 75Ω
Input & Output Level
Microphone Input Maximum Level +12dBu
Line Input Maximum Level +38dBu
Stereo Input Maximum Level +21dBu
Headphone Output 150mW (into 200Ω)
All Other Audio Output +21dBu (into 10KΩ)
Filter & Equalizer
High Pass Filter 100Hz, 18dB/octave
Input EQ : High +/-15dB, 12KHz
: Mid +/-15dB, 240Hz-6KHz
: Low +/-15dB, 60Hz